Will Rains Stop KCR's Juggernaut?Rain played a Havoc in Hyderabad on Tuesday Night. The city received as much as 40 mm Rainfall in just 6-7 hours like never before in the previous years submerging the low-lying areas in the city. The city’s infrastructure and drainage crumbled in the rain bringing it to a standstill.

Several roads are resembling lakes and lakes have been capturing their encroached areas as they bring water into buildings constructed illegally on lake beds. People in several areas had to spend sleepless nights as water entered their homes and several people do not have power all night.

As the rain began as early as 6.30 PM on Tuesday, several people were stranded on streets with nowhere to go. These scenes have occurred when the Municipal Minister K Taraka Ramarao made a tall claim of Hyderabad racing towards a Global City. He also went on to allege that the previous governments did not give any thought about Hyderabad’s development.

Rains have been worse this season for Hyderabad and if this continues, things will be worse for the ruling party in the GHMC elections which will happen in December. TRS created history in the 2014 elections winning 99 divisions. But if these scenes will repeat further, it will dent the chances of TRS in the election very badly.

If at all, TRS gets a bad result in the GHMC elections, it will have repercussions in the State Politics as well. But luckily for TRS, there are no major elections around. The party will hope there will be no further rainfall and these memories will be wiped off from the people’s memory by December.