The appreciation in Real Estate is their biggest achievement, KTR and KCR often claim. KTR is continuously trying to scare the people saying that the Real Estate will crash if Congress comes to power and urges people to vote wisely.

In a TV Program, KTR was quizzed on the logic behind that claim.

“Obviously, the Real Estate will crash if the Chief Ministers change every six months. They can not implement policies. They can not finalize the candidates without going to Delhi. If they come to power, the policy matters should also be approved by Delhi. That will result in inordinate delays and the investors will go away to other states,” KTR said.

KTR also cited that there was a fall of 28% in office space demand in Bengaluru after Congress came to power while it increased in Telangana.

Congress party is not handling this allegation properly. That is mainly because there are too many CM aspirants in Congress. So, no one is firmly saying there will not be a change in the Chief Ministers and there will be a stable government. Because if they say, the next question will be who is that one CM?

Congress party previously had this problem of changing CMs frequently. But that problem has reduced significantly in the recent past.

Congress should be able to clarify that to the people.

Also, the high command in Delhi dictating Policy matters is a big exaggeration. However, KTR with his oratory skills can always influence a section of voters. So, Congress should act immediately.