TDP Wins All MLC SeatsThe graduates’ MLC elections are coming as a rude shock to the ruling party YSRC. In a major shock, the ruling party ended up losing the West Rayalaseema MLC seat.

TDP has won the West Rayalaseema MLC seat and this is a penultimate segment comprising of the Rayalaseema districts of Kadapa, Kurnool, and Anantapur which are regarded as the stronghold of YSRCP.

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In the previous MLA elections, TDP won just 3 of the total 52 constituencies in the Rayalaseema region. But now, TDP has won the MLC seat in the Rayalaseema segment which indicates a very strong wind against the ruling party YSRCP.

With just under a year to go for the elections, this anti-government wave can wreck a catastrophe in the YSRC. The anti-incumbency is overwhelming here and this could lead to repercussions in the ruling party.

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Jagan has been proudly claiming why not 175/175 constituencies in the MLA elections, the negative trend in the MLC clearly act against his cause. The severe undercurrent against YSRC should work decisively in 2024.

This really is a pathbreaking development in the wake of the elections and this has greatly rejuvenated the TDP troops now.

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