YCP Targets BrahmaniAndhra Pradesh politics has heated up since the midnight arrest of former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, with YS Jagan pursuing multiple cases against CBN.

For the first time, members of Naidu’s family have come forward to speak out against the perceived injustice and vendetta politics just months before the elections.

Nara Lokesh’s wife, Brahmani, also criticized Jagan for pushing away industries to other states and the lack of development under his rule.

She pointed to companies like Amara Raja and Lulu that relocated from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana. Forget about building the capital city; there hasn’t been a single infrastructure project initiated by Jagan in these four years in a state that lost everything due to bifurcation.

Now, YSRCP leaders like Roja and others have started attacking Brahmani in a manner similar to their usual tone when targeting Lokesh and his father.

However, political experts believe that the general public doesn’t like this harsh attack, as they perceive Brahmani as a non-political figure and a young woman with a clean image.

Brahmani‘s comments are actually forced by YSR Congress itself. Public believe the non-political women were dragged into politics and so, rebutting those comments will only backfire on the Ruling Party.

Many believe that this YSRCP-style political attack against Brahmani could backfire and harm the YSR Congress’s vote bank among women and neutral voters. But they can’t see damage that is happening.