Kodali NaniYRSCP leader Kodali Venateswara Rao aka Nani come into the picture today and attacked Kapu community just to divert TDP’s “Gurantee Manifesto”. This time Nani directly attacked on Kapu caste with filthy and indecent language.

He said that CBN intentionally insulted Tarak’s mother using some Kapu youth on social media. As per Nani, TDP was angry at Tarak for his absence at NTR Centenary function which was held in Hyderabad.

In Social Media, it is common among the netizens to create filthy Twitter Spaces between two sides and attack each other with degrading language. Fans’ war turned into a political war when elections came near. Jr. NTR’s absence from the NTR Centenary function in Hyderabad became a topic in the social media.

But YSRCP took this as an opportunity to attack CBN. If someone criticizes Tarak on social media, the YSRCP is trying to link it to Chandra Babu.

YSRCP wants to divert the discussion of TDP manifesto among the people. The more Nani talks like this the more loss to Jr. NTR. What is the reaction of Mudragada who wants to join YSRCP next month on Nani’s filthy remarks against the Kapu community?