YS Sharmila JaganABN RK in his weekend column dropped a hint that Priyanka Gandhi recently sent a message to Sharmila offering to send her to lead Andhra Pradesh Congress after the Telangana election if she merges her party into Congress.

Usually, RK has close access to Sharmila and is revealing all the news pertaining to the rift between Jagan and Sharmila, Sharmila’s party, and others before anybody.

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So, it is natural for everyone to suspect this news to be true as well.

Only the last week, RK wrote a column regarding the property disputes between Jagan and Sharmila.

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The series of news gives rise to doubt if Sharmila is trying to blackmail Jagan using ABN RK.

If Sharmila comes to Andhra politics, it will be very unsettling for Jagan to face her. Especially because she is his sister and used to be a strong supporter of Jagan previously.

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Facing allegations in YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder, Jagan can not afford criticism from his own sister during the election campaign.

Probably, Sharmila is trying to send a message to Jagan that she will enter Andhra Pradesh if her demands are not met with. Maybe that is something related to their property dispute.

We will have to see how Tadepalli reacts to it!