YSRCP Social MediaIt appears that there is speculation and discussion among some YSRCP cadre on social media regarding the appointment of Kanna as the TDP in-charge for Sattenapalli constituency. There are discussions suggesting that if Kodela Sivaram, a TDP nominee, or a candidate from Jana Sena party contests in Sattenapalli, it would be advantageous for YSRCP to win the constituency for a second time. It seems that YSRCP social media platforms have also started discussions and conversations about Sattenapalli.

The information indicates that the YSRCP cadre have faith in their party but may not have the same level of confidence in Ambati Rambabu. After the passing of Dr. Kodela Sivaprasada Rao, the first speaker of Navyandhra, there was no in-charge was appointed in Sattenapalli constituency. As a result, there seems to be a situation where TDP programs cannot be organized effectively in the constituency.

It is mentioned that individuals such as Kodela’s son, Kodela Sivaram, former MLA YV Anjaneyulu, Abburu Malli, and Nagothu Souraiah are aspiring for the post of in-charge and have been organizing party programs according to their own preferences. The information suggests that the party leadership needs to take steps to strengthen the TDP’s presence in the constituency. State party president, Achchennaidu, attempted to pacify Dr. Kodela Sivaram on the phone on a Wednesday.

It is surprising to see YSRCP supporting Kodela Sivaram in this regard. It should be noted that there were controversies surrounding Kodela Sivaprasada Rao’s death when the current government came into power. YSRCP leaders made false allegations against Kodela regarding the alleged theft of furniture.

Even after his unfortunate demise, YSRCP continued to blame Chandrababu Naidu for Kodela’s sudden death. Now, it seems contradictory that YSRCP is supporting Kodela Sivaram’s candidacy in Sattenapalli. It is essential to consider the evolving dynamics and political strategies at play in this situation.