The comments made by YSR Congress Party’s Uttarandhra Coordinator, YV Subbareddy, regarding the finalization of candidates for the upcoming general elections are causing confusion and concerns within the party.

Subbareddy stated that the current MLAs and Constituency Coordinators are not final, and the list of candidates will be announced after the third of the next month.

This delay in announcing candidates is seen by lower-level leaders as potentially damaging to YSRCP’s chances of success.

In contrast, the TDP and Jana Sena alliance has already started announcing candidates for the elections, creating a perception of better-preparedness.

Instances of disagreements and objections within the party over constituency coordinators and potential candidates are adding to the confusion.

For example, in constituencies like Vizag East, Gajuwaka, Anakapalli, Pendurthi, and Chodavaram, there are reports of dissatisfaction and conflicts.

The uncertainty and lack of clarity regarding the final list of candidates are causing distress among the party ranks, and the delay may impact their election preparedness compared to rival political parties.

It remains to be seen how YSRCP addresses these concerns and manages its internal dynamics leading up to the elections.