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What Is the Film About?
G Nageshwar Rao, aka Ginna (Manchu Vishnu), runs a tent house that supplies marriage amenities. However, it is running into losses, and he has to return the loan. Simultaneously, he also is looking to contest the local elections. Amidst all this chaos, he has a lover and a deadline to meet to marry her.

What happens when in this messy situation, the childhood friend Renuka comes back in the life of Ginna? The movie’s basic plot is how the various issues are solved and who ends up marrying Ginna.

Manchu Vishnu, back after a gap, is his usual self. Ginna is a massy role, and it comes with a different dialect. Vishnu has put in efforts to make sure the same is highlighted throughout. Since the role is in his typical terrain, he breezes through the part doing action, comedy, romance and dances.

Sunny Leone and Payal Rajput are the female leads in the movie. Among the two, the former has the meaty part. Revealing further details about it would be akin to spoilers, though. However, one can say while the character takes an interesting turn after a point, it becomes silly due to the act and is overdone. Still, it is clear that Sunny Leone is enjoying the part, and that’s the best thing about it.

Payal Rajput gets a forgettable part. She mainly appears as part of a bunch of artists and mostly does nothing. There are songs where she appears glamorous, but we don’t see anything beyond it.

Suryaah directs Ginna. It is a movie typical of the style of films made by G Nageshwar Reddy and Kona Venkat combo in the past.

Ginna is a regular commercial entertainer that was done to death a few years ago. The opening segment sets the tone and what follows is something we have seen many times over. It is all about the comedy, then, to hold the interest.

And we do have some bits and pieces moments that work concerning comedy. But, it all has an outdated vibe and passe written all over. Here Ginna loses the little engaging factor it could generate.

There is an interval twist that is on expected lines. It doesn’t raise any curiosity over the second half. But, another one during the pre-climax portions grabs attention intermittently.

The pre-climax segment involving a flashback is the best part of the movie, without any doubt. It offers some freshness to the routine formulaic narrative.

However, the intrigue is short-lived, and things worsen as we reach the climax. The excitement is lost due to weak writing and simplistic and underdeveloped idea. After all the drama and action, the whole thing ends on a pale note.

Overall, Ginna is a routine commercial entertainer with a twist in the tale that was common a decade ago. A brief segment works, but there is nothing new outside it and nor does the entertainment work.

Performances by Others Actors
We have many known faces as part of the movie, but only Chammak Chandra and Vennela Kishore are given some meat. They do well as usual, but the problem is the writing and that they have played similar parts many times in the past. Senior artist Annapurna is okay, and so is Raghubabu. Others, which include Sunil, are wasted.

Music and Other Departments?
Anup Ruben’s music adds to the routine feel from the start. It has a decent melody going on, but it is also the reason for the outdated vibe. The background score is on the expected lines.

Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is alright. It goes well with the intended effect. Chota K Prasad’s editing, too, is okay. The narrative is kept crisp without much lag, even if nothing is happening. The dialogue should have been better.


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Flat Narrative

No Emotional Connect

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