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U/A – 2 hrs 06 mins

Vishwaksen Naidu - Hit Telugu Movie -ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is an investigative officer who gets a panic attack due to an incident in the past. He is kept away from an on-going case involving his missing girl friend. However, when another one goes missing, Vikram is brought in to handle it. How Vikram solves the case and finds the culprit is what the movie is all about?

How Is Vishwaksen’s Performance?
Vishwak Sen is alright in the role of a young cop. There is slight visibility of a pouch, but that kind off adds to the overall personality, here. He is sincere in his part and goes about his work diligently. It is similar to the movie itself, which goes about its way flatly. There are no high moments to talk. The best part about his role is dialogue delivery and some free-flowing raw usage of words as part of the character.

Dr Sailesh KolanuDirection:
HIT is a thriller genre movie. Director Sailesh Kolanu seems to have studied the clichés and setting of films in this space inside out and set his narrative based on the skills acquired out of it.

The result is HIT feels formulaic in its approach. The whole thing seems to miss the organic development, an essential part of the thrillers. So, we have set up, a team and the trigger point of a missing person –everything in place in a well-designed manner.

The entire first half is essentially clearing of various red herrings one by one through the investigation. It goes on flatly and placidly. There are no highs; at the same time, there are no lows either. The narrative moves from one point to other following the clues. The thrill aspect is missing here. The interval bang too is plainly dealt.

In the second half, we have a few moments, at the very start, that briefly provides the thrills. The investigation leading to a deadlock involving the ‘DNA’, the various tests carried on a suspect and so on are neatly done. A block like this is what is missing at the beginning, which would have elevated the overall impact.

Still, the second half, for a large part, continues in the investigation mode. It is here that the director falters. At the pre-climax point, one gets a feeling of a continuous investigation happening right from the start, and it is still going on. Monotony sets in and it increases pressure on the heart of the thriller –the final reveal.

Unfortunately, the finale, the climax fizzles out. After all the build-up, it seems too little and unsatisfactory. Not all reveals have to be grand or have a grand motive to make it look big, but even the smallest have to have the scope to be presented in that way. Here everything seems forced due to the previous events.

The writing, which is another critical aspect in the whole process lacks the bite at this crucial final juncture. It is otherwise par for the course and partly the reason, along with BGM for the engagement in the proceedings.

Overall, if one doesn’t mind the climax, HIT is a passable watch for those who are less frequent watchers of the genre. For the regulars, it is a below-par affair that held promise in parts.

Hit Telugu Movie -ReviewRuhani Sharma and Others?
Ruhani Sharma is the heroine for namesake. She has no big role. Also, care should have been taken on her looks. Hari Teja comparatively has a better role. But, even it lacks meat. The rest of the actors like Brahmaji and Murali Sharma are given less scope. They do the best under the circumstances, especially Murali Sharma. Bhanu Chander is wasted.

Music-Director-Vivek-SagarMusic and Other Departments?
Vivek Sagar comes up with another electrical score. He elevates many scenes with his excellent work. Technically the movie is slick with superb cinematography by S Mani Kandan. The editing is alright by Garry BH. The writing, a key aspect for the thriller, is fine keeping in mind the genre constraints.

Technical Department (Mainly BGM)
Setup And Build Up
Parts Of Second Half

The Climax
No High Moments
Flat Narration

Hit Telugu Movie -ReviewAlternative Take
The key with a thriller is the core killer motive after its reveal. Change it, and you have a new story. Hit for all its build-up needed something better.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with huge reservations

Hit Telugu Movie Review Review by Siddartha


– Stay tuned for our review.

– HIT comes to an end, the team hints about HIT sequel in 2021.

– Finally, Vikram finds the culprits behind a murder and a missing girl. The movie is heading towards the climax.

– The investigation is getting intensified as Vikram finds multiple suspects. But the clues coming his way aren’t helping.

– HIT second half started. Vikram finds nothing suspicious, the case is getting more complicated.

First Half Report:

HIT is a narratively well-built textbook thriller that offers a very little surprise for the regular viewers of the genre. It goes about its way ticking all boxes flatly.

Vishwak Sen has done his part sincerely and the rest of the cast is fine. The second half, where the heart of the thriller lies, is extremely crucial now to create a solid impact.

Interval. First half report shortly.

– The investigation is going on around the friends, family and other leads.

– As per reports, HIT (Homicide Intervention Team) is doing a great job to bring down the crime rate in the city. It’s time for a teenage girl’s (Preeti) missing case. On the other hand, Neha (Ruhani Sharma), Vikki’s girl friend goes missing. He senses a connection between the two missing cases.

– HIT show started. Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is experience panic attacks due to a past incident, but he is reluctant to quit the department job.

HIT US Premier live updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned.

Preview: HIT

Though Nani is only a one-film old producer, his debut production venture ‘Awe’ earned him big credit as a maker who is committed to making different films. ‘HIT‘ earned that reputation as if by default.

Coming to the movie with Vishwak Sen playing the lead role, the movie has garnered positive vibes by the virtue of the promo material that was released, so far.

Director Sailesh Kolanu has impressed Nani with his narration and output. Also, he impressed the audiences showcasing the publicity material efficiently. Will he prove the same efficiency after the movie’s release?

For Vishwak Sen this movie might turn out to be a breakthrough. All depends on the content of the movie and the execution. The genre needs a tight screenplay and if the director succeeds in that, there wouldn’t be any looking back.

It’s time for the genuine mirchi9 team’s ‘HIT’ movie review. Keep watching this space, movie lovers. We’ll be back with a comprehensive review.