The success of the blockbuster “Hanu-Man” is not just confined to Tollywood; it’s making waves across the nation, and audiences are in love with Teja Sajja’s outstanding performance. Telugu stars have already showered praise on the film, but what’s even more remarkable is the appreciation pouring in from big names beyond Tollywood.

From Siva Rajkumar to Rakshit Shetty, R. Madhavan to Sarath Kumar, several renowned stars have commended Prasanth Varma’s Vision & Teja’s performance. Rakshit Shetty, expressing his admiration on Twitter, mentioned, “Teja Sajja’s performance stays with you long after the credits roll.” Dr. Siva Rajkumar, in a media interaction, praised Teja for his natural portrayal, emphasizing how he elegantly carried the weight of the entire film

The buzz isn’t limited to the south; national celebrities are buzzing on Twitter about Teja’s remarkable performance. Even the Mumbai media is raving about how a 28-year-old like Teja Sajja not only carried a film of grandeur but also broke into the Pan India scene at such a young age, marking a historic achievement in the industry.