TDP and Jana Sena have announced their joint first list of candidates today ahead of the upcoming AP Assembly elections. Meanwhile, some of the candidate names given by TDP surprised many and the move is considered as a masterstroke by the party.

TDP’s decision to offer tickets to two strong and young Dalit leaders came as a surprise to many. While P. Gannavaram ticket has been offered to Saripella Rajesh Kumar aka Maha Sena Rajesh, the Tiruvuru ticket has been given to Kolikapudi Srinivas.

Rajesh has been very vocal against the injustices of the Jagan government on his YouTube channel. With his widespread appeal and significant influence among Dalits, he could greatly benefit the TDP. Similarly, Kolikapudi, a prominent Dalit Youth leader, has consistently spoken out against oppressive regimes. If these leaders secure seats in the Assembly, it won’t just be a win for them but for the entire community they represent.