Russian Couple Found Dead

A Russian couple’s death and nude bodies discovery was under probe in Himachal Pradesh police. Residents noticed some damaged body shells on Thursday and informed their government.

The police reported that the victims aged twenties had no means of identification at the scene. Nevertheless, among this items close, was found a cell phone, a knife and some of the pills, which suggested that the vittims should be Russian citizens. Police also noted it could have been a suicide, while considering murder was also possible.

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A corpse of a woman was discovered within the pond while the other corpse belonged to the man and found out, was situated at Tagri near Parvati River, approximately two kilometers from Manikaran. According to the police, the man bore wounds on the hand and neck. On the other hand, the woman had a scratch on the hands. Interestingly, however, these injuries were not fatal and the cause of death remains unknown.

This has caused further delays as the policemen sent the bodies for postmortem at a regional hospital in Kullu, which referred them to the medical college in Mandi. A team of forensics have also been summoned to pick more evidence at the scene. The police are looking at the hotels, homestays, and other accommodation facilities within the region to get more clues about the dead couple.

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