Maggi KhichdiMaggi, or quick noodles, is well known among Indians. The simple recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare and is popular among many people. Many people have added their own spins to the two-minute instant noodles throughout the years. While some of these experiments were successful, others irritated foodies.

On Sunday, Amar Sirohi (@foodie_incarnate), a renowned food blogger, tweeted a video of a street seller preparing Maggi with extra ingredients, including cream, an overabundance of butter and cheese, sauces, and veggies.

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Typically, the noodles are simply prepared with a taster and water. In this video, however, the cook generously adds the aforementioned components and cooks them until the finished dish loses all signs of being instant noodles. The film was shot at the Raju Maggi Centre, a fast food restaurant in Athwa, Surat.

Amar Sirohi (@foodie_incarnate) commented on the video, “Bhaiya ne maggi banai ya khichdi?” This roughly translates as “Did he make maggi or Khichdi?” Surprisingly, the video is named “Surat’s Most Famous Maggi.”

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Since it was released on May 14, this video has received over 36,000 likes. An Instagram user said, “Maggi and dosa are the two most murdered foods.” Another guy said sarcastically, “Hey brother, you forgot to put ice cream.”