One of the main allegations on the IPL management over the years has been the transparency of tosses. This has been highlighted again over the last few weeks as we are seeing videos of the tosses being seemingly rigged.

In one such viral video, RCB captain Faf explaining to SRH captain Cummins how the toss in their previous game against Mumbai Indians looked to be rigged as the coin was flipped well behind the play area.

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This has led to a comment that Faf is clearly not pleased with how the coin was flipped well outside the focus area and he couldn’t see the outcome of the same. Social media is on absolute fire on this topic as everyone is questioning the transparency of the coin toss.

The main argument is that the coin toss must be carried out only in the focused area and the outcome of the toss must be clearly televised on TV.

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As of now, the toss outcome isn’t shown on camera and only the verdict is announced on live telecast. This must change quickly and the coin toss outcome must be clearly televised, say social media users.

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