Royal Challengers Bangalore

In IPL 2024, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are facing a string of unfortunate outcomes.

Despite a promising start in their second match, they’ve since suffered four consecutive defeats, leaving them languishing at the bottom of the points table. Fans are embarrassed with RCB slipping to the tenth position.

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Even with Virat Kohli’s stellar performances, RCB hasn’t been able to turn the tide in their favor.

Delhi Capitals had a smooth victory over Lucknow Super Giants in the 26th match of IPL 2024. Despite their earlier struggles, this win marked their second victory in the season. Lucknow, though defeated, still holds the fourth position in the league standings.

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Social media buzzed with excitement over the match, with fans sharing humorous memes. With this win, Delhi Capitals climbed up the points table, pushing Royal Challengers Bangalore to the last spot, while RCB’s loss prompted a wave of memes online.

With each match becoming a must-win scenario, RCB’s upcoming clash against Hyderabad on April 15 is crucial. It’s a do-or-die moment for the team as they strive to break their losing streak and salvage their IPL campaign.

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The IPL 2024 season has seen ups and downs for various teams. While Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians have improved their positions, RCB faces a tough road ahead.

Rajasthan Royals lead the table, followed by Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings. For RCB, the upcoming match against Hyderabad is crucial for their survival in the tournament.