Ads In IPL 2024

Television advertising during IPL 17 saw a notable rise compared to IPL last year, with a 6% increase in ad volumes per channel during the first 23 matches, as per the TAM Sports report.

The report highlighted a significant surge in categories and advertisers during IPL 17, with a 65% increase in categories and a 37% increase in advertisers compared to IPL 16.

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The number of advertisers during the first 23 matches of this year’s IPL surpassed 60, up from 45 in the previous season.

The top five categories in IPL 17 accounted for half of the ad volumes, with Ecom-Gaming leading the pack. Ecom-Gaming and Pan Masala were common categories in both IPL 17 and IPL 16, while two of the top five categories in IPL 17 were from the F&B (Food and beverage) sector.

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Sporta Technologies dominated as the top advertiser in 16 matches, while Parle Products led in 7 matches during IPL 17. Together, the top advertisers contributed over 38% of the ad volumes in IPL 17.

Sporta Technologies, Vishnu Packaging, and K P Pan Foods were consistent top advertisers in both IPL seasons.

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In IPL 17, there were 37 new categories and 86 new brands across 23 matches compared to IPL 16.

Parle Food Products and Airtel Xstream Fiber secured the top two positions among the 73 new brands in IPL 17.