Chicago Mass Shooting

It would be nowhere close to exaggeration to say that guns have caused an epidemic in the self proclaimed greatest country of the world. This epidemic is killing Americans who are ironically trying to protect their guns more than their lives. Another mass shooting has shocked the USA and left an innocent young girl dead.

The city of Chicago was stunned when a shootout started on the night of Saturday in the Back of Yard’s Region of the city. All the victims were gathered for a family function when the shooting started.

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A 9 year old girl died in the tragic event and two other children of age 1 and 7 sustained bullet injury and were in critical condition. A total of 10 people, all of them family members, were injured in the Shootout.

It is suspected that it was gang related violence. According to the police, an eye witness reported seeing a black sedan that stopped near the gathering, started shooting and drove off. The police are investigating the matter but no suspect has been arrested so far. Eye witnesses have identified two suspects and the search is on for them.

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