In the recent past, a large number of Indian citizens have been moving abroad for work and education opportunities. Likewise, a section of them has been getting the highly-priced American Citizenship as well.

As per the official report, 59,000 Indian citizens got US citizenship during the 2023 financial year(closing on September 30, 2023).

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The US Government allocated American citizenship to 8.7 lakh foreigners in 2023 and Mexicans topped the list as 1.1 lakh Mexican natives got the US citizenship and they are followed by Indians with 59,000 citizenship.

It is known that there are several parameters to be met to attain US citizenship, which include lawful permanent residency(NRI status) for 5 years. Marrying a US citizen or serving in the US army will also be decisively useful in getting citizenship.

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According to the report, the majority of the 59,000 Indians who got US citizenship were holders of NRI status for over 5 years. Marrying an US citizen can get a person US citizenship in just 3 years though.