America, where it is claimed that religion, individual beliefs, and culture witness no partiality or segregation, continues to ignore attacks on Hindu Temples.

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An Indian-American member of the US Congress allegedly said that attacks against American Hindus and Hinduism, in general, have increased. This peace-loving religion is going through partial treatment in America. He claims that it is the “beginning of a coordinated anti-Hindu attack”.

Congressman Shri Thanedar stated that the Hindus in America are in fear and this increasing act of aggression going unnoticed by the law is pushing the fear even further. The statement “It is time for us to seek support”, generates the idea that Hindus are in extreme danger. Though the cases of attacks remain true and the ignorance of local authorities is nothing but shameful and enraging, the situation might not be as dire as he portrays.

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In recent months according to Congressman Shri Thanedar, the attacks have increased in number and this entire thing is a first step towards a bigger conspiracy against the Hindu community in the US. These attacks are happening in places like “California”, “New York” as well as all across America. No matter what one thing remains true, the religion that taught peace to the entire world, is facing a threat in the US.