British Indians Killed Delivery Agent

According the recent report, four men of Indian origin have been pleaded guilty for murdering a delivery driver, who was also of India heritage, in an attack in Shrewsbury, Western England.

After receiving reports of the said attack the local police found Aurman Singh, a 23 year-old delivery driver, dead at the scene. This attack took place in the August of the last year and following it police arrested four men under the suspicion of murder: Arshdeep Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Shivdeep Singh and Manjot Singh. All in theirs twenties were found armed with weapons including axe, hockey stick and Shovel.

According to Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Mark Bellamy, “The attack on Aurman Singh was planned and organised by a group of men who armed themselves with weapons and used a level of violence that can only suggest they intended to kill him.” He stated that these men used inside information to pick a location where they knew Aurman would be and lay in wait before carrying out the brutal attack in broad daylight.

Even though all four of them denied, they were found guilty after a trial of six week at the Stafford Crown Court. Further information was disclosed unveiling the involvement of another man named Sukhmandeep Singh. Also of Indian heritage, this 23 year-old old is believed to be the “inside man” who informed others about Aurman’s deliveries on the day he was murdered.

Aurman’s family made a statement expressing the impact of this tragedy on them. “Today a mother will grow old without her son. A sister will grow up without her brother. We don’t want what has happened to us to happen to another family. It is an unbearable loss for us which has changed our lives.”