Indian Sailor

Recently, a cargo ship’s collision with Baltimore’s iconic bridge had put the entire world on a standstill and with matters slowly coming under control and investigations underway, it has been found that one Indian sailor was also caught up in the unfortunate incident and has currently undergone treatment and received stitches.

As per the official statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) the man was not the only Indian aboard and was actually one of 20 other Indian nationals, the cargo ship of whom had sadly lost power and rammed into the bridge in US. However, the sigh of relief in these trying moments was that the man was the only one among the crew who had been injured and we all pray for a speedy recovery of him.

According to the latest findings, the massive ship was coming from Singapore and was named Dali. The ship was sailing out of Baltimore Harbour and was bound for Sri Lanka when it reported that it was losing power and the ability to manoeuvre around, which was followed by them colliding into a support pylon of the bridge and leading to the disheartening event in which most of the bridge was brought entirely down, also leading to the port getting closed till further notice.

The ship was carrying a massive number of 4,700 cargo containers, 56 of which held hazardous materials with great potential of causing damage, however, due to god’s grace, there has been no threat caused to the public as of now and is expected to remain so. During the crash, two containers did end up getting overboard but thankfully they had not been containing any hazardous materials like the over 1.5 million gallons of fuel oil the vessel had been carrying.