Airport Boarding Pass Fraud

We are living in times where new age illegal acts come to light almost every day, and here is one such example. A man from Texas couldn’t board his flight because he couldn’t get the flight he wanted. Instead of trying for a new booking, he did something unimaginable.

He took a photo of a fellow passenger’s boarding pass and used it on his smartphone to board Delta Airlines. He then immediately went and sat in the restroom for an extended period until the flight was ready to take off.

He then stood outside the restroom. When a flight attendant asked him to sit, he provided a random seat number where someone was already seated.

Since the flight doors were closed and the plane was ready to take off, the flight attendants couldn’t do anything but allow him to stand.

However, to their surprise, when the flight landed, the police arrived and arrested him. Everything he did, like taking a photo of a fellow passenger, was recorded on security cameras.

He is now facing a serious case and penalties for his actions. He told the cops that in the rush to get home and due to ticket unavailability, he did what he did.