In October 2022, shocking news came from Qatar when eight Indian ex-navy men who had gone to Qatar were captured and sentenced to death. The international community reacted, and our foreign ministry vowed to explore all legal options to appeal against the sentence. Thankfully, it appears that the prayers and efforts paid off.

India has achieved a diplomatic win as Qatar has now ordered the release of all eight individuals back to India. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued a statement welcoming the release of these eight Indians, who were working for Dahara Global, a firm in Qatar.

While there were suspicions of them being involved in spying in Qatar, continuous support and diplomacy from India led to their release. This was the time when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Dubai in a meeting with Amir of the the State of Qatar. On 28th January the court overturned the death sentence and today the release was announced. The Delhi ministry has expressed appreciation for the decision of the Amir.

This death sentence came in 2022 amidst the heightened tensions during the Israel-Hamas war, making the matte