Violence is a sensitive topic, more so if against a minor which should be covered in that manner. But, there came a news from Italy about the gang rape of a minor that has shocked the entire country. A thirteen-year-old was raped in front of her boyfriend in Catania. The cases of sexual assaults against women do not seem to go down even after increased efforts from the Italian government.

What has shocked many is this latest shameless act’s coverage from the top international media agency. Not only does it compare this inhumane act with fodder for the far-right government in Italy, but it tries to justify the position of the accused by including the strategies and ideologies of the present Meloni Government in the country which has pledged to curb irregular immigration in the country.

The rapists are immigrants from Egypt who entered the country illegally via a boat, as per reports. it seems to be a fallacy of the government to not control the situation with illegal immigrants, given how things have gone awry in several European countries due to illegal immigrants. There has been a huge demand for controlling illegal immigration from all across Europe but not much has been achieved.

It is not the first time that the top media agencies have tried to twist news for their convenience. It is rare to find a media agency not supporting some ideology (right-wing or left-wing) either openly or subtly behind the curtains. But, trying to politicise an incident as brutal as rape is the lowest one could get. If the trend continues, it will not be long before anything relevant will be left to find on these media agencies.