Although racism, sensitivity, and xenophobia have been the big issues around which American politics have revolved for many years, it seems like there’s a lot to learn for Americans. A new controversy has erupted as America inches closer to the 2024 Presidential elections. Political strategist Donna Brazile was on a talk show when she intentionally mispronounced Vivek Ramaswamy’s name.

Donna, a democratic strategist, was at the talk show Real Time With Bill Maher where she repeatedly mispronounced the name even after being corrected by the host. The whole incident is clearly an act of racism and the reaction to it would have probably been different if the same was done by a white politician.

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The host Bill Maher himself pointed out that what she was doing is racist but she dismissed the whole matter saying “whatever”. Her attack was not limited to just mispronouncing the name. She even said that Vivek should go back to his home, allegedly suggesting that he go back to India.

Vivek Ramaswamy himself raised the issue on X. This seems like an attack on the whole Indian community rather than just him. Vivek is a born American but his Indian roots have always been an issue at the debate. A country that boasts of equality and freedom has found itself attacking a person because of where he comes from.

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