Indian Students

More Indian students are choosing to study in the United States instead of Canada. In the past few months, the number of Indians applying to study in Canada has gone down a lot—almost 40%.

This drop is not because of problems between India and Canada but seems connected to students talking online about how tough it is to live in Canada and how they’re not getting the opportunities they were promised.

On the other hand, many Indian students are picking the United States for their studies. The U.S. Department of State is also on a rampage mode in issuing Visas to Indian students as they need funds from International students post-COVID.

The U.S. government gave over 140,000 visas to Indian students in 2022, which is a new record. This is happening at the same time when the number of Indian students wanting to study in Canada is slowing down.

It’s the first time since COVID-19 started that fewer Indian students are applying to study in Canada. The tension between India and Canada isn’t helping the situation.