UK Visa Policy

The report on the revision of post-study work visas by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) may cause worries for Indian students intending to study in the UK this year. These visas, which let foreign students work in any industry for two years, just as domestic students, are reviewed by the MAC.

One of the main incentives for overseas students to study in the UK is this visa. Indian students and others may not be able to continue their studies in the UK after they graduate if the visa is revoked. The report must be turned in by May 14th.

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Just 32% of international grads who made more than the general criterion in 2023 made more than the median wage, and only 16% made more than £30,000. Since its introduction in July 2021, international students have been able to work in any job relative to or unrelated to their studies without needing employer sponsorship or a work permit thanks to the post-study work visa (PSW).

Prior to the PSW going into effect, 1.20 lakh student visas were granted to Indian students in 2023a 250 percent increase from 2019. India is the greatest source of participants in the Graduate route, according to a British Council research, with a projected 68% growth in 2023. The increase of Indian students was partly caused by the introduction of the PSW visa in 2021.

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