Kirkland Police Department

The Kirkland Police Department has recently arrested five suspects who are believed to be behind a string of targetted burglaries in Indian American and other South Asian residents. These arrests were sought after a thorough two-month investigation ignited by concerns of members of the Eastside Indian American/South Asian community.

The investigation kicked off when the surveillance cameras captured pictures of three suspects and a license plate in the North Rose Hill neighborhood. What made it easy was the fact that one of the suspects, who was from Palmdale, California, had a history of criminal activities and was a convicted felon.

According to investigators, the suspects frequently traveled between California and Washington, utilizing short-term rental properties to change their locations. Additionally, they would swap vehicle license plates with stolen ones to avoid detection.

Following the accumulation of evidence, the police executed a search warrant at a short-term residential rental in Redmond, leading to the arrest of five men from Southern California. The suspects are facing charges related to numerous burglaries committed by them across Kirkland, King, and Snohomish Counties.

These individuals include Lamar E. Curtis, Londra D. Jackson, Kenji Christopher Crutchfield, Eric Darnell Netterville Jr., and Aramis Davae Williams. Each of them face charges ranging from residential burglary to possession of stolen property.

Inside their rental property, authorities uncovered evidence implicating the suspects in the burglaries, along side with technical equipments which were used to bypass home security features. Additionally, police recovered several suspected stolen items, over $17,000 in cash, and multiple high-end bags.