a-silent-voice-netflixWhat happens when a grade school girl with impaired hearing meets a guy who is infamous as a Bully?

Shouko Nishimiya is girl who can’t listen properly without hearing aid goes to a new school. She meets her classmates and wants to make friends with them but it’s not that easy.

Shoya Ishida is a notorious kid who is vexed to see Nishimiya as her classmate. She requests a genuine friendship which is not well received by Ishida as he is annoyed by her. Ishida thinks of Nishimiya as a dumb character who can’t even speak properly and he starts to bully her. Fed up of this daily torture Nishimiya leaves the school one day.

Will Ishida be able to realize his mistake?Where will this story of Ishida and Nishimiya go? If you are interested to know their story, This anime ‘A Silent Voice’ is available on Netflix.

This Naoko Yamada’s 2016 anime movie is one of the most beautiful movies in recent times. This hard hitting movie holds a special place amongst the anime fans all over the world. A very unconventional story which deal with new generation issues from bullying to self love and what not. The characters are written in a believable manner so that they feel very real.

Other than the leads, viewers also root for the supporting characters such as Yuzuru and Nagatsuka. You can watch this 2 hours 9 minutes movie with an 8.1 rating on IMDb which is available on Netflix.