Netflix New Trend

Thanks to the onset of the OTT revolution, regional films have found a platform to cater to the global audience. Likewise, the OTT platforms are doing their part to push regional films to the bigger audiences.

Netflix is leading the charge on this front by providing English dubbed audio versions for Telugu films.

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Now, Netflix is streaming the English dubbed versions of Animal and Salaar.

Previously, Netflix offered English dubs for RRR given it worldwide acclaim and it worked wonderfully well for Netflix as the film went global at a rate that no other Indian film ever could.

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Salaar had struck a chord with the bigger audience immediately after the Netflix debut as the action part clicked. Netflix was quick to assess the growth and brought the English dubbed version onto the platform.

As for Animal, this Ranbir Kapoor starrer is a provocative film that has what it takes to click on OTT. In accordance, Netflix has released the English dub version. Though films like these are not new in foreign films, watching an Indian film with such aggressive content could be something new to foreign audience. This should be the logic behind the English dub.

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This is not a new trend for Netflix as a platform as they do it for Korean films and series very often. But for the Indian audience, to see Telugu films going global with English dubs is unprecedented. It happened with RRR then and it is happening with Animal and Salaar now.