Operation Valentine Fighter

Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter and Varun Tej’s Operation Valentine were based on the same storyline – the revenge after the Balakot attacks. Both films were released so close to each other in theaters and were strikingly similar in many ways.

Fighter is a Hindi-only film while Operation Valentine is a bilingual in Telugu and Hindi.

Incidentally, Fighter was an average fare at the box office while Operation Valentine bombed big time.

Both the films were released on OTT on the same day.

Operation Valentine arrived on Amazon Prime Video while Fighter was streaming on Netflix.

The result of the Box Office is also reflected in the OTT space.

Fighter is getting average reception on Netflix while Operation Valentine’s response is nothing short of a big disappointment.

Usually, Patriotic films do have takers on the OTT but this is not the case with Operation Valentine.

It is high time Varun Tej makes the necessary corrections!