White House PlumbersAs ‘true’ Indians, if Drama and Politics are two of your darling topics, we got a series for you. White House Plumbers, where you can find the comic relief, the drama, and the injection of politics. If you have ever watched Veep, you will absolutely enjoy the series and its cinematography.

As you start watching it, you can expect it as a comedy but this has much more depth than that. This is q story about a couple of true Americans who wanna serve their president. Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck never disappoint as creators and present us with something very entertaining.

This eight-episode series is directed by David Mandel and the series gains a good momentum from the acting of the two lead characters. Justin Theroux nails his role with a mixture of comedy and seriousness. Shea Whigham did a splendid job as well in the series.

There are countless satires embedded to express our present condition along with some takes on various historical events. This political drama will make you question things along with making you smile at some points. It can even make your eyes numb to some extent.

This series can be streamed on JioCinema and has an IMDB rating of 6.7 along with 72% on the Tomatometer.