In a recent interview, Tamannah Bhatia opened herself about her standing in the Southern film industry, her recent roles and her dynamics with her co-stars.

When asked about her drunken act in her recent flick, which frankly Tollywood actresses are not generally seen doing, Tamannah unapologetically replied saying that it needs to be viewed in the context of a movie. “Cinema is make-believe, after all. While I am a teetotaller in real life, I would hate to pass any judgements on what actresses should do or not do.”

Tamannah also had some good stuff to say about Pawan Kalyan with she had an opportunity to work with in a recent film. Tamannah acknowledged that despite the age gap, “Pawan Kalyan comes across as a very sensitive and thoughtful individual. As an actor, he’s a class apart, of course.”

About her long standing glamourous role in the industry, Tamannah said that, “As an actress, all I can do is chose from the films I am offered. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to do any film just because it is female-oriented. It has to be commercially viable as well. Be it Dirty Picture or Kahaani, they were good commercial films first.”