Allu Arjun's Family Enters NarachiYash’s KGF 2 is a film that has impressed a section of mass movie lovers across the country. There are not many in Tollywood who are praising the film wholeheartedly in the last week or so.

Some big names have avoided talking about this Prashanth Neel film and only Allu Arjun managed to wish the team for their work. Allu Arjun liked the film so much and the news is that he even sat down with Sukumar to make Pushpa 2 better seeing the effect of KGF 2.

Now, it is the turn of Allu Arjun’s wife as she has watched KGF 2 along with her family. Sneha Reddy has loved the film and has posted the viewing experience on social media.

Whatever might be the reason for the big stars not talking about the film, the Allu family has enjoyed the screening and are openly talking about it as well. Anti fans of Allu Arjun say this is all a game plan to get free PR for Pushpa 2. They think the minute Allu Arjun praises KGF 2, media will also talk about Pushpa 2 which will create more hype for the film.