Balayya’s Said 1 Cr, Producer Shocked!Fortunes change every Friday in film industry. A Friday is all it takes to make a difference. For stars, one good Friday can increase their paycheck anywhere between 50% to 100%.

But thats not applicable for Nandamuri Balakrishna who just scored a resounding hit with Akhanda. The producers of #NBK107 – Mythri Movie Makers approached Balayya after Akhanda release to discuss his remuneration.

They were expecting at least 40-50% hike on Akhanda’s remuneration.

But Balayya just asked them to give one crore rupees more than what he got for Akhanda.

For Akhanda, Balakrishna received 11 Crore + GST for Akhanda and for #NBK107, he is taking home 12 Crore + GST.

In the eleven crore he got for Akhanda, 2 Crore was after the success of Akhanda.

Mythri Movie Makers who have worked with many star heroes were taken by surprise at Balayya’s modest hike. “Balayya is the best,” they are saying in their close circles.