Bandla-Ganesh--Finished-On-All-FrontsIn his Prime, Bandla Ganesh is one of the most sought Producers in the Telugu Film Industry. After working with all star heroes, Bandla finds himself at crossroads. The landmark project of his career, Gabbar Singh completed eight years the other day.

Director Harish Shankar penned a long Thanks Note mentioning the contribution of all those involved in the film making but did not write anything about Ganesh. If this is the case with the biggest hit of his career, one can understand his relations with the other stars in the industry.

He is fighting legal cases of fraud with Sachin Joshi and PVP. With all these black marks, it is unlikely that Bandla has any career left in films. Only the last year, Bandla tried a hand in politics as well only to burn his finger. He already announced quitting politics once for all.

Many do not know the fact that Ganesh is into Chicken Business for a long time and even that is in deep trouble due to the Corona Crisis. In all the ways, Bandla seems to have finished.