Bigg Boss: S5: E74: Ravi's caution to Siri-Shanmukh relationshipBigg Boss TV show is currently in its eleventh week. The captaincy task ‘Nee Illu Bangaram Gaanu’ is generating interest to the audiences. The current episode witnessed Sunny’s frustration once again.

*Sunny uses Power for Siri-Shanmukh*
Sunny used his power tool to take half of Siri’s coins and give them back to Shanmukh. They did not expect it but in the end, both Siri and Shanmukh are happy.

*Challenge 1 – Maanas vs Priyanka*
In the first challenge for captaincy, Maanas and Pinky played a balloon task. The inmates will have to blow and burst the balloon at a time. Pinky won the challenge and has qualified to take part in the captaincy contender task.

In the fourth round, Anee, Siri, Sreeram, Sunny became gold miners.
In the fifth round, Sunny, Kajal, Maanas, Shanmukh became gold miners.

*Sreeram’s POWER strategy bowls Ravi*
Sreerama Chandra got a power tool. His score was zero in the task. The power tool says that he has to give half of his coins to Bigg Boss. However, he lured Ravi with the power tool who came forward to buy it from him. Thus, Ravi gave his coins to Sreeram and went zero. Later, Ravi realized that the power tool is not going to help him. Thus, Sreeram bowled out Ravi with a strategy.

*Challenge 2 – Siri (Maanas) vs Sunny*
In the second challenge, Siri and Sunny were supposed to take part. However, Siri informed Bigg Boss that she can’t take part in the task because of her personal problems. Bigg Boss then asked Siri to pick one from the inmates to compete on her behalf. She selected Maanas. Maanas and Sunny took part in the second challenge.

*Frustrated Sunny Returns*
According to the challenge, Maanas and Sunny will have to wear t-shirts. Maanas wore the t-shirts perfectly but Sunny wore some of them in reverse. Ravi, the sanchalak declared Maanas as a winner and Sunny argued with him that he did not inform him in the beginning that he will have to wear t-shirts properly.

Sunny was very much frustrated after the result has come out. He is angry with Maanas and Kajal as well as they were not talking in support of him. Sunny is frustrated that he could not play the task properly in the current week as well. Ravi’s rule has irked him to the core however he tried to maintain his temper.

*Ravi’s caution on Siri-Shanmukh relationship*
Ravi spoke to Siri about the fight that happened with Shanmukh. Siri mentioned that there was a mistake on both sides. However, Shanmukh told Ravi that he was on the side of a mistake. Ravi issued a friendly caution to Siri about the relationship with Shanmukh. Ravi asked Siri to be careful about it and work on the same. “Vadu endhuku nee meedha trip ayitunnadu,” Ravi told to Siri.

So far, Priyanka and Siri are qualified for the captaincy contender task.