Bigg Boss Telugu: Neha Eliminated?Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in the third week. We have exclusive learned that TV host Neha Choudhary is the third contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. In the first week, the organizers cancelled the elimination and in the second week, there was a double elimination. So far, Shani and Abhinaya Sri were eliminated. Neha is the third one.

Neha is one of the contestants who is on the nomination list for the third week. The other housemates who are in the nominations along with Neha are Vasanthi, Baladitya, Chanti, Arohi, Inaya, Sreehan, Revanth, and Geethu.

In Saturday’s episode, Nagarjuna did not confirm who is safe. Usually, Nag will at least confirm the status of the elimination for two housemates. But this time, it did not happen. Instead, he nominated both Arjun Kalyan and Keerthi Bhat directly into the nominations for the fourth week.

On the other hand, many predicted the elimination of either Neha or Arohit but surprisingly, Neha is eliminated. The official confirmation will be out on Sunday episode.