Maidaan Bade Miya Chote Miyan

Two Bollywood films crashed and burned spectacularly in the same week, spelling disaster for the industry.

“Bade Miyan Chote Miyan,” made on a budget of 350 crores, started off weak with a mere 15 crore nett on its first day, utterly failing to capitalize on the lucrative Eid holiday. Despite feeble attempts at growth over the weekend, it plummeted on day five to 2 crore collections, sealing its fate.

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With a pitiful 44.07 crore nett after five days, it’s projected to barely scrape past 50 crore nett in its extended week, a far cry from its budget. The film struggle to cross the 60-crore mark in its lifetime.

Meanwhile, “Maidaan,” despite glowing reviews, suffered from dismal advance bookings. Its paid previews barely scraped by with a paltry 2.60 crore nett, followed by an underwhelming 4.65 crore nett on day one.

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Despite a slight improvement over the weekend, the film’s total of 22.22 crore nett marked a disastrous performance. The film will struggle to collect 50 crores in its lifetime which is not even 1/4th of its budget.

Both films hemorrhaged massive losses, with “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” staring down an estimated loss of around 150 crores (and that too after getting 100 crore rebate from UK) and “Maidaan” around 100 crores.

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This bleak scenario has led trade analysts to claim it the worst week in Bollywood box office history. The industry will take some time to recover from the shock of these numbers.

Let’s hoping that the producers, directors, actors, and everyone else recover and bounce back stronger post this.