Action King, Boyapati Seenu has opened up and shared his experiences as a director. He began his career as a director in 2005 with the movie Badra which was produced by star producer, Dil Raju.

His meeting with Dil Raju was an interesting one. He first thought of making the movie Badra with Allu Arjun but Allu Arvind declined that offer saying that he wanted his son to play lover boy roles and not the Maas ones. Then, Allu Arjun introduced Seenu to Dil Raju and asked him to listen to Seenu’s story. After his script narration, Dil Raju was so excited that he instantly paid 1 lakh to Seenu. Dilraj has a sentiment that whatever installment he gives, Rs.36, 000 of it will be in the form of cash.

When Badra became a hit, Dil Raju gifted him with 5 lakhs rupees out of which, 3.5 lakhs was in the form of a Ford Ikon car. Boyapti said he posses 50% remake rights of the film but Dil Raju sold the movie in two other languages with out giving any share to Boyapti. When Boyati asked about it, Raju said managed it saying “Wouldn’t you have signed the first film with out remake rights? This made Boyapti gave up on it but he was still very happy and excited as that was his first movie as a director. The movie, as we all know, was a super hit and it gained great profits for the producer Raju.