Nikhil Joe Biden warningFor those who don’t already know, the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan. Amid the highly volatile situation in Afghan, the United States is evacuating its citizens and military forces from the country.

Incidentally, young Tollywood hero, Nikhil has made an interesting comment in the context of the Afghan takeover.

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“Only Example of the FREE WORLD… America…. gone… 21 years u tourbled a country… and…. abandoned it in this way.. Next time u talk abt freedom Mister BIDEN @JoeBiden cheppu teguddi …. yedava,” Nikhil tweeted.

Nikhil’s tweet is drawing severe flak on social media now. “You(Nikhil) don’t have the guts to speak about the irregularities in the Indian political system and the problems that are being faced by the common public here, but you are warning the president of the USA over an issue in Afghanistan. First start questioning the local leadership,” netizens are commenting under Nikhil’s tweet.

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“ Attention kavali ante cinemalu cheyyi anthegani ee over action cheyaku,” a netizen commented and that sums up the response Nikhil’s tweet is receiving.


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