Digvijay Singh who was continuously trying to bite BJP and Narendra Modi’s tail was finally in a fix. It is social media that put Digvijay Singh on strings. The leakage of private photos of Diggi Raja and Rajya Sabha TV anchor Amrita Rai in Social media brought a storm in the Congress Party. The 125 years old party is attacking BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate for not disclosing her wife details for several years. Digvijay Singh attacked Modi on this issue more than anybody else.

And now Digvijay Singh is struggling to defend his own affair saying its his personal issue. Interestingly, on Thursday, few intimate emails between Diggi Raja and Amrita Rai were leaked on to internet. They reveal that Digvijay Singh had the affair with the TV anchor even before his wife is dead. This revelation has pushed Digvijay Singh and Congress party further on to the walls.