Dil Raju Clears Allu Arjun Fans ConfusionAllu Arjun’s ICON was announced two years ago amid much fanfare. However, the film hasn’t hit floors and no update has surfaced. Rumours were rife that ICON has been shelved. In fact, buzz that Venu Sriram moving away from Dil Raju’s camp added more fuel around ICON’s project getting shelved.

Recently, Bunny Vas made comments that ICON will happen between Puhspa 1 and Pushpa 2. This further added confusion among fans who wondered how Bunny could commit such an error. The fans wondered how Bunny could do a movie with Venu Sriram, whose last film Vakeel Saab turned out to be a loss venture for the producers. But here comes the clarity that Bunny ICON will be happening between Pushpa 1 and Pushpa 2.

Dil Raju had confirmed Allu Arjun’s ICON among his other prestigious projects. He made the comments after his visit to Tirumala. Dil Raju’s comments have now made Allu Arjun fans rejoice as their doubts have been put to rest. They are trending this big time on social media.

Coming back to ICON, for the film Allu Arjun will be seen in an extreme makeover. It is believed that he will be shown in an uber-cool stylish look which again would require intense efforts for Bunny. Incidentally, for Pushpa Bunny sports an unkempt and messy avatar, and has undergone immense effort to undergo the look. Apparently, to don the greasepaint itself, used to take long hours. And again putting strenuous efforts for ICON is a no mean feat.