Director changes his opinion about Pawan?

Well known director Ram Gopal Varma seems to have changed his views about popular actor Pawan Kalyan recently. After praising him a lot for a really long time, the director Ram Gopal Varma has come to be somewhat disappointed with the actor and even said that in a public statement. Actor Pawan Kalyan who recently launched a political party named ‘Jana Sena Party’, is now in the bad books of filmmaker RGV who stated that, “After the extraordinary effect Pawan created in sheer originality, it’s horrendous to see him posing with people who don’t have 10% of his charisma.”

This would have been a simple comment if Ram Gopal had not seized every opportunity earlier to praise Pawan Kalyan. The filmmaker seems to be very angry at the actor and implied that understanding Pawan Kalyan is very difficult.

RGV’s mid night saga doesn’t stop there he tweeted last night “Congress hataav desh bachaav… .Chiranjeevi hataav raashtr bachaav”.