Rajinikanth has this habit of extending support directly or indirectly to some political party just before elections. Rajini fans belindly vote for the party he names. The superstar Fans have votes up 20000-50000 in each Lok Sabha constituency which can change the fate of candidates in closely contested seats. Fans are waiting for Rajini’s ‘word’ for the elections that take place very soon.

Just before 2004 LS polls, PMK party founder Dr S Ramadoss criticised Rajnikanth over some issues. The fans in Vellore campaigned against PMK candidate in Vellore then and made him sweat to win. Even though the candidate won Rajini fans’ campaign reduced the winning margin by more than 30,000 votes.So all the major political parties are eagerly waiting for Rajinikanth to speak out. Earlier there were news that Rajinikanth would campaign for BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi but that did not happen.