Needless to say, Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu’s upcoming collaboration is one of the most exciting projects in the making in Indian cinema. Given the magnanimity of the project, it can be expected that there will be a fair few speculations on the same.

In one such speculation, a media outlet mentioned that casting director Viren Swami is on-board for the project. It is noted that Swami earlier worked on Aparichithudu, Mahesh’s 1- Nenokkadine and others.

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The report read Viren is designated with the job of finding the female lead for Mahesh in the film and he is on the job already. This is the first major speculation on the film.

However, the team was quick to clarify that there no credence in this report and mentioned that the rumor is a false one. The producer of the film Lakshmi Narayana mentioned in a letter that the production house will issue an announcement on such cast and crew additions and asked people not to trust in speculations.

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