International Content Turning HeadacheThere was once a series that was hugely promoted titled Altered Carbon. The series was high on nudity and sexual content, apart from an interesting storyline. Incidentally, the series entered the living rooms of Indians as the Netflix promos were all over social media, more so on YouTube.

Now recently, a lawsuit has been slapped on Netflix for an offensive comment on actor Madhuri Dixit in a 15-year-old episode of the American sitcom Big Bang Theory. The streaming platforms are on a slippery road, more so in terms of international content.

Usually, licenses are brought with quite a few clauses where the shows are edited or made presentable to match the Indian sense and sensibilities, just as Hollywood releases. For example, frontal nudity is totally avoidable in India. However, given that Indian viewers are hooked to OTT shows, they now want to watch the shows in their original format without edits.

Though certain curbs on OTT are in place, there is a conflict between presenting the shows as a whole or molding them to suit Indians. Also, the government’s stand is that it has given a chance for creativity and not obscenity.

While some Indians are okay with the shows, others feel that control is essential.

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