Jr NTR and Pawan Kalyan’s role reversal - Draft
Jr NTR and Pawan Kalyan are two stars with diametrically opposite personalities. One would in fact be hard pressed to find two such stars in Telugu cinema with so much uncommon between the two. While one is a out and out mass star, the other is a completely classy one. While one always had the passion to be a number one star, other never really perusal a career with that passion. There are few more such differences but the one we are now going to look is the about the outgoing nature and interaction with the fans among the two stars.

Pawan Kalyan for a long time has avoided himself being seen in public regularly. The usually slips into a hibernation mode once his films are completed and released and appears intermittently randomly and disappears once again after the audio release of new film. On the other hand Jr NTR is a star who is known to interact with fans on regular basis and appear consistently in the media and events throughout the year. For starters he does films more frequently could be a major part for this constant visibility but the bottom-line is the actor is always visible.

And it is with respect to the visibility things seem to have changed momentarily between these two stars. Pawan Kalyan generally absent post the release of his films was all over the place after Atharintiki Daredi. A thank you function, couple of interviews and recently attended a children’s film festival as well. It doesn’t end here Pawan Kalyan is expected to attend the audio launch of Rey soon. This has just never happened in the past with Pawan Kalyan. Jr NTR on the other hand is completely absent from the media space post the release of Ramayya Vastavayya.

The actor had in the past few under performers too but he never shied away from public appearance and sometimes even tried his best to promote them too so that it could have some benefit. But this time the actor has simply went into a shell and is very focused on his work. May be the actor wants to face the public like before with a strong winner at the box office as off late his films have barely set the box office on fire. Do you think this is the right way to go forward for Jr NTR or you think he should be like he has always been as success and failures are part of film career? What do you say?