Kalki US Ticket Prices

Whenever a tier-1 star movie is getting released, there is curiosity about the pricing of U.S. premieres. If the movie is made on an epic scale and with a huge budget, there is even more interest in the pricing strategy.

Kalki 2898 AD will have its U.S. premieres (June 26) roughly two weeks from now, making it the first biggest film of the year from the Tollywood industry.

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The pricing for the Kalki Telugu version is as follows:

IMAX: $35
PLF (premium large format): $30
Standard: $25 for premiere day

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Post-premiere day, the pricing is:

PLF: $23
Standard: $20

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The Kalki Hindi version is priced at $17, which is higher than usual for Hindi movies, as they typically go for around $10 regardless of the star power.

The makers, Vyjayanthi Movies, are hoping that the election fever will settle down soon so that the focus can shift to the entertainment industry.